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For The Distinctive Epicurean and Wine Enthusiast
Chef   & Vintner
Our Passion: Years ago, as a culinary student in Europe, I had the opportunity to discover the Bordeaux
region of France, the world's highly acclaimed red wine
terroir.  During those years I was very fortunate to
have worked for 3 summers in some of France's finest vineyards.  From the moment I set foot in its
vineyards, I was in love with the grapes, the vines and its wine.    

My unique background inspired my love for food and wine, with an Egyptian father and an Italian mother,
food was a big part of our daily lives.  I learned my early cooking skills from my mother.  
After attending the Culinary Institute of America in New York, I was able to refine my skills as a professional
chef  by working alongside some of America's most talented chefs.  
Renowned chef's such as Andre
Soltner from the famous Lutece in New York City, Jean-Louis Palladin from The Watergate Hotel,
Washington D.C., Daniel Boulud, from Daniel, New York City, Todd English from Olives in Boston,
Roberto Donna, from Galileo, Washington D.C., Craig Shelton from The Ryland Inn, New Jersey and
Marcus Samuelsson from Aquavit, New York City just to name a few.

My palate was enriched and my deep love for food and wine was developing rapidly.  It became my
passion.  It was an honor to be invited to cook at the James Beard Foundation House in New York City more
than a dozen times for in and out of the house events.  As a professional chef, I made it my personal
mission to give each and every customer the most unforgettable food and wine experiences they ever had.

When I met my life partner, Linda, we were delighted to learn that, we shared the same passion for food
and wine.  Her background as a wine buyer for a major merchant in Los Angeles and as a wine manager for
award winning Hotels/Restaurants on the East Coast contributed to her deep level of commitment to the art
of winemaking.

Linda has a unique and rare gift in that she is able to detect, isolate and recognize the smallest hint of
flavors and aromas, which makes her a desired guest at wine tasting events and competitions.

Today, we work together on The Chef & Vintner, our exclusive-private wine society that gives you access to
hard to find single-vineyard wines, custom-designed menus for dinner parties and special occasions and
wine pairing suggestions using wines in our cellar or yours.  We can coordinate tours of wineries not open
to the public and arrange meetings with highly-respected producers, and that’s just the beginning …

While the Internet has spawned thousands of self-professed wine experts, The Chef & Vintner prides itself
on its rich and deep professional experience, exclusive relationships and exceptional personal service.  

Whether you are an enthusiastic amateur wine collector or a consummate professional, it would be our
pleasure to allow you access to our resources.  We await the opportunity.

Our Vision: To provide our members with a hands on experience in exploring the world of gourmet food
and fine wine.
The Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, NY
Private Wine Society
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