2002 Silver Oak, Napa Valley, Cabernet Sauvignon
Tasting Notes

The 2002 Napa Valley has a dark ruby
color and a nose of cassis syrup, chocolate
and baking spices. This incredibly
concentrated wine has a fruity attack, great
body and integrated tannins in the medium
length finish. It will continue to improve
through 2028 given proper cellaring.

Daniel H. Baron was born in Brooklyn, New York, and moved to
California in 1968, where he got his first taste of winemaking working in
the vineyards of Sonoma County. After completing his master’s studies
in viticulture and enology at U.C. Davis in 1978, he worked as an
assistant winemaker and vineyard manager in Mendocino’s Anderson
Valley before traveling to France to visit the great wine regions and work
for two vintages in Bordeaux. This sabbatical dramatically shaped Daniel’
s approach. “In the old world, wine was an integral part of daily life, and
the pursuit of excellence was the driving force behind every decision
made in the vineyard or winery,” he says. “That’s what I strive for as a
Returning to California in 1982, Daniel launched a new winery in the
Napa Valley, soon rising to the position of general manager. In 1994,
Silver Oak co-founder Justin Meyer selected Daniel to succeed him as
winemaker. Daniel remembers, “Justin was a great mentor, and he
instilled in me both pride in what Silver Oak had accomplished and the
humility to realize that there is always room to improve. He encouraged
me to constantly search for ways to raise the already high level of quality
of Silver Oak wines.”
Known for his diligence and attention to detail, Daniel can often be seen
walking the rows of our vineyards during the harvest, tasting fruit from
each block to determine when it will be ready to be picked.
"Silver Oak's
unwavering focus on
one varietal enables us
to continually improve
and refine our craft.”

~Daniel Baron, Director
of Winemaking
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