Yield:     4

Cream mixture

 In an electric mixer, whip sugar and egg yolks on high speed until pale yellow and thick.

2.  With mixer on medium speed, add cream cheese and whip until smooth, then add mascarpone and
Marsala, mix until incorporated.

3.  Whip the cream and fold into the mixture, set aside in a refrigerate.

Espresso mixture

Combine espresso, additional Marsala, sugar, and warm water.


 Dip ladyfingers in espresso mixture.

2.  Place one layer of dipped ladyfingers on bottom of serving platter.

3.  Top with one layer of cream mixture.

4.  Add another layer of dipped ladyfingers, top with a second layer of cream mixture. Sift cocoa over top.

1/4 cup      SUGAR
2                 egg yolks
8 oz           cream cheese, softened
2 T              marsala + 2 Tbsp.
3 T              sour cream
2 T              half & half
7 oz           heavy whipping cream, whipped
1 cup         espresso  
2 T             Sugar
24               ladyfingers
3 T              sweetened cocoa powder
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